The fashion world in Second Life contributes greatly to the virtual economy. Avatar add-ons and fashion are, perhaps second to land sales, the largest factor in Second Life’s L$ trade. For a lot of people, it can also yield a real world income in USD – this is less true today than 3-4 years ago, but some of the top SL content creators have made a decent living creating fashion for avatars.

For many other people, Second Life provides an escape and virtual way of life. The glamourous and creative field of fashion is a fascinating hobby, and these interests can be explored online without spending a fortune. We’d like to share our insight, experience, and creative flair with you, whether it’s creating texture maps for Second Life fashion, producing an in-world fashion event, or walking a virtual catwalk. is still in its infancy. We’re interested in hearing from experienced Second Lifers in the fashion  industry willing to write about their experiences and approaches. To learn more, visit our section for writers. To get exclusive content and first access to new books and tutorials, please join our mailing list.